Piercing FAQ

Body Piercing

We will pierce anybody that is able to give consent (usually 4 years or older) as long as their parents (or legal guardians) accompany them to the studio on the day and both parties have appropriate ID.

We refuse service of any intimate piercing of a person under the age of 18, even with parental permission.


We pierce anyone who is able to consent to having their body changed, so usually any enthusiastic child 4 years old and up shouldn’t be a problem at all! Our studio is kid friendly (let’s face it, we are just big kids ourselves!)

As a professional piercing studio, we ONLY use single use sterile needles to pierce and as standard do multiple piercings in tandem (at the same time). Guns are YUCKY and put your child at risk.

All of our piercers are APP members, you can read more about why that is so important for your little one’s safety.

We have a HUGE selection of professional grade jewellery at our studio, suitable to be pierced with initially in a variety of different sizes/gauges/styles.

There is no charge for first ear lobe piercings, it is a procedure that we do totally for free! You guys just pay for the professional grade ASTM F-136 implant grade titanium jewellery and the sterile saline aftercare spray.

All you need to bring will be your photo ID, a birth certificate and a medicare card with both your names on it.

You can also BOOK IN so you don’t have to wait (waiting time for walk-ins is usually 1-2 hrs).