Laser Prices

Prior to treatment you will receive free consultation where our staff will assess your concerns, ascertain suitability as well as answer any questions, concerns and/or queries you may have. Here, we will also establish a cost per treatment and estimate number of treatments necessary, based on the evaluated tattoo and your individual health concerns.

Size Area Single Sessions Up to 5 Sessions Ea Up to 10 Sessions Ea
XS Up to 2x2cm 80 375 75 700 70
S Up to 4x4cm2 120 550 110 1000 100
M Up to 10x10cm 150 700 140 1300 130
L Up to 15x15cm 180 850 170 1600 160
XL Over 15x15cm P.O.A 

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service and best results in laser removal/lightening at an affordable cost for everyone. Consultations are free, they can be done by appointment or via our forum.