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I have never been to a more professional piercing studio in my life! The service was friendly and fun. I am telling all of my friends to come here! Super fabulous guys!


Here I got my first piercing with a needle, and everyone was so nice and encouraging, I definitely recommend this place (:

Erin burmaz

The best piercing studio in Western Australia. The most professional and experienced piercers, along with top quality jewellery and a friendly and happy vibe. I have already had several piercings done at Opal Heart and look forward to getting many, many more!

Anais Hogben

I got my tongue pierced here, and I couldn't be happier! I'll defs be coming back for more! Thanks guys!

Kristi Smith

One of the best studios in the world! Love you guys and your work!

I had my first piercing done here, the guys were really nice and comforting. Recommending to ALL my friends.