71452 649174658477250 1525578798 nWe are equipped with the latest in laser tattoo removal equipment using Q-Switched YAG LASER Technology.

If you are thinking of having a tattoo removed, we have the solution.

We offer free consultation and test patch where each tattoo is evaluated and the medical risks and benefits of the laser tattoo removal procedure explained to you. We will also establish a price per treatment and prepare an individual treatment plan based on your tattoo removal needs.

People request tattoo removal for a variety of reasons: Circumstances, careers & relationships change. You may want a new tattoo where the old one is, or have outgrown that tattoo you had done years ago. For the last 20 years laser tattoo removal has been performed safely with Q-switched laser technology.

The size of the tattoo, amount of ink and the colours used will determine the time and cost factors involved in removing a tattoo. See our galleries for pictures of clients that have had their tattoo removed or faded.