Facial Piercings


Septum piercings are a super easy piercing to get done, although it will bring a tear to your eye. They can be pierced with a number of different jewellery types, including clickers, however there are some limitations to discuss in store.
When open jewellery is worn, such as a circular barbell, they can be flipped up into your nose for total concealment from the second you get it! Generally considered a difficult piercing to get straight, they sometimes need a little adjustment to get them perfect.
They are also easy to stretch and can be pierced at a higher gauge with no problems.
Pain level: Low
Healing Time: 4-8 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Rings (including clickers)

Big Septum

Septum piercings can also be done initially at thicker sizes, if the wearer chooses, or can be stretched once healed instead.
They are a super easy piercing to get done, although it will bring a tear to your eye. We have some special tricks to do them larger initially, often up to 6mm from the start.
Pain level: Low-Medium
Healing Time: 4-8 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Rings


Nostril piercings are a very common and generally considered socially acceptable, meaning you might be able to get away with it at most work places.
They are fun and easy to conceal once healed with freckle tops (sand blasted anodised titanium) or glass retainers. Although they will most likely bring a tear to your eye, they are not overly painful and over in a flash.
There are a number of different jewellery types available for nostrils, cork screws being the most commonly seen, however we suggest a secure push-pin design with a comfortable flat disc on the inside for the healing period.
Pain level: Low-Medium
Healing: 24-36 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Push-pin Labret style post
Time before a ring: 9-12 months

Large Nostrils

Although nostril peircings can be stretched, as with any cartilage area, initially piercing at a higher gauge is highly recommended for those that want them thicker.
The tissue is usually excised using a biopsy (dermal) punch and the slightly larger jewellery inserted. They can be difficult to heal and are prone to small amounts of hypertropic scar tissue, minimising irritation and bumps during healing will help to reduce this from occurring.
Generally done in pairs, they can even be stretched further to give a very unique appearance.
Pain level: Medium-High
Healing Time: 8-16 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Single flared plugs (glass or titanium)
Time before Stretching: 4 months


Bridges (also know as Erl or Niebuhr) is a piercing through the soft tissue at the top of the nose tissue, level with the eyes. They can be a tricky one to heal for some people and those with more squarer more prominent anatomy tend to have a much higher success rate.
They are not a painful piercing (just pressure), however are prone to scarring so an a consultation is suggested prior to making an appointment.
Pain level: Very low
Healing: 12-24 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Straight barbell


Eyebrow piercings are a very easy one to get as there are very few nerve endings in the tissue and can be easy to heal if irritation is minimized for the first couple months. They can bring a tear to your eye during the piercing, similar to plucking out a hair.
Reducing irritation and bumping, even when healed, is crucial to the longevity of an eyebrow piercing.e in the future.
Pain level: Very low
Healing: 8-16 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Curved barbell

Nasallang and misc

Nasallang piercings are quite rare and although seem scary are not that painful to get nor difficult to heal.
They pass through from one nostril to the other, going through the higher septum tissue at the same time. Straight bars are generally best for comfort, however
-Highlevel: Medium
Healing: 12-24 weeks
Initial Jewellery: Straight barbell