Piercing Prices (including high quality jewellery)

Eyebrow from $75
Lip (upper/lower) from $75
Tongue from $75
Webbing from $75
Nostril from $65
Septum from $80
Daith from $80
Tragus from $65
Forward Helix from $65
Ear rim/cartilage from $65
Ear lobe from $35
Nipple (male/female) from $80
Nipples (pair) from $140
Navel from $65
Genital (male/female) from $130
Dermal Anchor from $75
Industrial from $115
Surface bar from $125

All prices include the highest quality
internally threaded titanium jewellery.

Prices include G.S.T and are subject to change without notice.

Client supplied jewellery must meet our

Don’t settle for sub-par quality jewellery, insist you get the highest quality for your body!