Piercing Prices (including high quality jewellery)

Eyebrow from $75
Lip (upper/lower) from $75
Tongue from $75
Webbing from $75
Nostril from $65
Septum from $80
Daith from $80
Tragus from $65
Forward Helix from $65
Ear rim/cartilage from $65
Ear lobe from $35
Nipple (male/female) from $80
Nipples (pair) from $140
Navel from $65
Genital (male/female) from $130
Dermal Anchor from $75
Industrial from $115
Surface bar from $125

All prices include the highest quality
internally threaded titanium jewellery.

Prices include G.S.T and are subject to change without notice.

Don’t settle for sub-par quality jewellery, insist you get the highest quality for your body!